The Radio Station has considerable abilities for growth and expansion of services at the coming decades, since is well prepared with respect to dealing together with latest transmission technologies in Tanzania.

Point of no return is your key to one of those favorite radio of Tanzania that has attained a large number of listeners because of its own radio programmings daily long. Here is the radio which broadcasting fun complete radio programs and presentation, and it has come to be the very best radio station of this Tabora town that's in Tanzania.

CG FM RADIO is your radio channel that established in Tabora - Tanzania which aims all age classes. Owing to the ethical monitoring and ethical applications, CG FM radio has been have a great deal of audience that gets us the very best on suburban areas. 2014 Certificate of Appreciation from Regional Commission workplace on account of this consciousness accomplished by the radio channel to citizens to participate in governance problems. To fight illiteracy and facilitating information transfer through dissemination of different data and advocacy. To donate to the Tanzanian community by assisting the poor and dumb tzns in getting access to advice and nutritional supplement gvt'attempts to alleviete poverty.

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