Radio Kwizera has great effects in the area as it animates issues impacting communities in the region. The Radio applications made all gauge at handling all spheres of existence impacting the individuals within and without.

The confrontation with unhealthy sex disparities and social accidents is among Radio Kwizera's subjects. The Radio does so by offering rights to advice, sensitising people about the value of essential formal and informal education that's supposed to stimulate positive activities for change to battle illiteracy, ignorance, diseases, environmental degradation, and political decay etc. Fantastic governance, peace, reconciliation is just another top schedule as good governance can help to enhance democracy, economic development, entrepreneurship and better living.

The vision and mission of this Radio would be to defend and to encourage a culture of peace and to improve collective and individual development in the area. It does so through encouraging: rights to Information, social justice, individual and Social-cultural rights, health problems, sex perceptions and main-streaming, peace/Reconciliation, inter-religious dialog, multiculturalism and co-existence, essential education and growth, participatory democracy and decent governance, community development, economic rights, climate change and ecological conservation, accurate praxis of religion.

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