Redio Safina FM 92.50

Media through which listeners may be informed on topics of world news, economic trends, numerous growth problems concerning Societies and communities, Sports, entertainments and more significant matters concerning spiritual nurture.

The effects of radio on the creation of our nation is tremendous. Its ability to influence and shape folks is important. As such there can never be sufficient broadcasting channels to cover the varied preferences. Radio Safina gets its Mandate to operate via its legal registration and licensing. Safina Radio 92.6 FM. It's an independent non-denominational, none-profit making Christian Radio.

Safina Radio Programs will also be touching on other religions. It operates 24 hours. Along with radio Program, a hall was constructed at Mbauda to accommodate up to 5000 people. The hall is used for preaching the word of God, praise and worship, to discuss appropriate technical knowledge, abilities and messages of hope and advice from various specialists that are willing to share and to educate people on several aspects of life as messages of hope to improve on their standards of living. To share community health knowledge, education, environment, nutrition, good behaviour and conduct for youths and even adults, women/men's behaviour and anticipated relationships and marriages.

It has always been that the Intension of Safina to generate good quality, relevant and attractive Program for every age group, sex and strata of the society. To Network with the present like organizations for mutual benefits. All Instructions and program which happen in this hallway are transmitted to All places reached from the current Safina Radio system .The two functions Together closely ie the Hall along with the Radio Safina radio has come up at Seems to be a great appetite for the word of God and thus the existence of Willing audience.

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