Safari Media

The radio is comprised of a group of multi-talented committed people that have a fantastic history on providing skilled broadcasting solutions in Tanzania. The potency of Safari Radio revolves round the quantity and mix of spouses and staff with abundance of specialist expertise inside and outside Tanzania using a record of superior content creation and distributing of digital and audio content into the general public within the accepted editorial policy frame and community expectations.

The Business is integrated with the The company Is Composed of partners that have More than 20 years expertise in supply of services. While in employment together with the prior Institutions, the spouses climbed easily to senior managerial positions consequently acting as key personnel on Corporate Communication Strategies, Planning and Management of those associations. Some of the job That Have been affected by the work of those partners for a period of time comprises; the communication plan of the National Provident Fund into National Social Security Fund at Mid 1990's, implementation and establishment of National Health Insurance Fund in 2001 -- 2005, Incorporation of Prosperity Life Care Insurance in Tanzania as 2005, Development of Strategic Corporate Plan of NSSF, NHIF and Management of Network of Community Health Funds. The partners deliver such goodwill together to Safari Radio and also have developed processes and structures to maintain quality delivery standards inside the firm.

The spouses' combined specialist and Industry knowledge, resources and experience function to make our prominence among specialist companies both locally and globally.

To keep on developing proper coordinated array of cost effective broadcasting options in cooperation with stakeholders, to meet with the content needs of their customers in a spirit of willingness, co-operation, partnership and trust.

Commitment for a Top local radio in supply of tailor made Systems and superior content solutions and to develop into the best alternative Supply to clients searching for affordable and quality broadcasting solutions Out of the marketplace.

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